Blood Donation Campaign – Blood donation conducted by Jubal General Hospital on April 2017 and by King Fahad Hospital on July 2017.

Heat Stress Campaign Survey – We gave heat stress questionnaire to each employees to gather medical details regarding their health and to make them aware how to control measures to beat the heat.

First Aid Kit distribution – We distributed first aid kits to all registered employees who went for Hajj.

Educational program activated (LED TV) – Health educational program played on the LED TV every day to promote awareness on emergency cases.

Wellness and skin care campaign for female employee.

Influenza vaccination Campaign for 2017-2018.

Fitbit watches management and distribution – Fitbit management motivates each employees to reach their health and fitness goals by tracking their activities.

Annual benzene Health Check Campaign – We do blood extractions on each employees and take urine sample which will be sent to outside Dispensary for testing. We do clinic tests as well like ECG, Audiometry, EYE test and Pulmonary function test and measuring blood pressure, height and weight.