Health, Safety, Security & Environment

At SASREE, Safety is a fundamental corporate Core Value that permeates every aspect of our business. Our commitment to HSSE ensures the well-being of our employees, protects the environment, and contributes to the communities where we operate. By upholding the highest HSSE standards, we create a culture of consciousness and responsibility, both internally and externally.


Pursue the goal of ZERO occurrences in injuries, occupational illnesses, process safety events, workplace safety incidents and environmental incidents.

Develop a culture supported by publicity and training; which will result in the sharing on this commitment at all levels in SASREF.

Promote HSSE management best practices within the local industry and community.

Use energy and material efficiently, thereby contributing to continuous improvement.

Ensure employees and facilities are secure and protected from all threats.

Manage HSSE in the same way as any other critical business activity.

Protect the environment.


  • A systematic approach to the management of HSSE, which is designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Saudi Government to achieve continuous performance improvement.
  • The setting of targets with measurable actions and the frequent monitoring and reporting of performance against these targets.
  • Requirements for contractors to adhere to the HSSE policy.
  • Include HSSE performance in the appraisal of staff and contractors as appropriate
  • The performance of structured monthly Central HSSE Committee meetings and weekly management site visits to all areas of custodianship to ensure compliance with HSSE policy.


Safety: SASREF demonstrates safety through a robust safety management system, regular inspections, audits, risk assessments, comprehensive training, and a culture of safety, ensuring everyone returns home safely.



Fire Protection: SASREF demonstrates fire protection by striving for industry & international best practices and standards, and excellence in emergency preparedness, response, and mitigation.

Occupational Health & Environment: SASREF demonstrates employee health and environmental preservation through comprehensive programs, strict regulations, and sustainable technologies, aiming for a harmonious balance between operations, employee well-being, and environmental protection.



Security: SASREF demonstrates the security of its employees and property through an integrated approach of qualified personnel, comprehensive procedures, and the latest technology.