At SASREF, we prioritize the development and training of our people to achieve excellence and maintain a safe working environment. We provide a variety of learning opportunities, including technical training, leadership development, and collaborations with educational institutions and industry associations. We create journey of continuous learning and personal growth as we empower our employees to reach their full potential.



SASREF prioritizes safety above all else, providing a comprehensive range of training programs to ensure the safety & well-being of its employees. These programs foster a strong safety culture, equipping individuals with essential knowledge and skills. With a focus on industry-standard protocols and practical exercises, SASREF prepares its team members to maintain a secure working environment throughout its operations.


Paraprofessional Development

SASREF offers intensive development and certification programs for its employees, focusing on theory and practical skills related to machines and process operations. The programs include customized topics and tasks and are complemented by accredited certifications. SASREF also provides simulation training for safe and professional operation.

Professional Development Program

SASREF Professional Development Program is tailored for young graduates to foster their professional advancement within a two-year period. This comprehensive program places a strong emphasis on developing expertise, enhancing the understanding of interdependencies within company operations, and encompasses a combination of eLearning modules and in-person training sessions dedicated to cultivating essential soft skills.


As a forward thinking company committed to nurturing talent, SASREF offers its employees the exclusive opportunities to earn industry-recognized certifications. The program cover a range of disciplines ensuring to empower and enriching the employees expertise.


SASREF delivers the "QAED" program, a comprehensive management and leadership development program. Its primary objective is to deliver top-notch leadership programs from prestigious business and leadership schools worldwide to SASREF leaders. The program offers the expertise of exceptional coaches to guide SASREF leaders towards effectively resolving complex business challenges with a high level of professionalism, thereby driving SASREF towards the successful realization of its vision.