SASREF Talents and Development

SASREF is serious about its business and its most important area of continued focus is its employees. Here at the SASREF Training & Development department, we strive to provide excellence through collaboration with our local and international academia. Throughout our ongoing journey, we aspire to be the best, and our mission is to not only achieve the standards, but to redefine them.

SASREF provides a variety of employees and organizational development programs, such as:

Professional Development Program

SASREF has a strong commitment to developing young graduate professionals and creating ready workforce capable of meeting its current and future dynamic domestic and international business demands. SASREF provides a competency based talent development program which is offered to newly-hired Saudi graduates. The Professional Development Program (PDP) spans over a two-year period and is designed to accelerate professional growth across all areas of SASREF’s business. The structure of the program enables participants to gain extensive knowledge of the business through job rotations so as to expand their understanding of inter-relationships across the Company. Each young graduate professional has a tailored program where developmental activities are assigned including: organizational assignments, professional internationally recognized courses and certifications, and in-depth site training and networking opportunities aiming to expand the participants’ knowledge of SASREF and its global business environment. Special training plans are developed for high potential candidates for Managerial Positions through extensive structured assessments at early stages of their careers.

Operations & Maintenance Personnel Progression Schemes

One of the main focus developmental areas for SASREF is its pursuit of developing its Operations & Maintenance personnel through well-structured progression schemes to make sure they can competently and safely handle their assigned responsibilities, as well as they are equipped with the latest development in oil and gas production technologies. The progression schemes involve a blend of operations and engineering knowledge as well as hands-on skills. The program is governed through a certification system to prove the attainment of necessary knowledge and practical skills, where one cannot advance to next level of his/her career until certified in the current level by completing rigorous on-job training, and attending academic and technical courses.

International Professional Certifications

SASREF recognizes that professional certifications validates the person’s high-level of expertise, technical knowledge, and skills. Thus, resources are allocated for SASREF employees to get international accreditations by enrolling them in rigorous Preparation Programs, monitoring the examination results, and recognizing professionals who are able to acquire the certifications, aiming to uplift our human asset competency to the up to date standards and reflect back positively in improving SASREF work processes.

Leadership Development and Toastmasters

Leadership development process starts at early stages of the employees’ career where he/she undergoes careful leadership assessment. This process is then governed by the Succession Planning which identifies leadership competency gaps and IDPs. A variety of leadership development programs is offered at SASREF, such as the collaboration with the best reputable leadership development institutes, the leadership development series, and SASREF Toastmasters Club.

English Language Program

Ensuring the SASREF multicultural workforce remains safe is its top priority. To help guarantee their safety, it ensures everyone is able to communicate effectively. This is why SASREF, in collaboration with external local academia, operates a fully structured English language program. This program is accredited to International standards and ensures our people are effective communicators, and able to safeguard all our assets.

Mentorship Program

SASREF ensures that each young professional, industrial, and administrative employee is mentored properly through senior and experienced certified mentors. The mentorship program is structurally embedded within the variance training programs such as, PDP and Operations & Maintenance Personnel Progression Schemes, where clear identified roles and responsibilities are assigned to make sure our young workforce gets the proper mentorship they need.