Social Responsibility

Although SASREF is an industrial organization specializing in oil refining the community service support has become a target as per its vision. This commitment to the community care and support springs from the principle of Sasref’s corporate social responsibility.

The social responsibility in Sasref is translated through permanent programs and activities, through which the company participates in the sustainable development of its society, throughout its history, which extends to more tha

The social responsibility is embedded in Sasref’s values, which include people welfare, community service and support, achieving a high level of health, safety and environmental protection, and achieve excellence in work with the commitment of business ethics and promote teamwork with a focus on transparency and two-way communication.

Welfare Packages

If we look at the concept of corporate social responsibility through this comprehensive perspective, which is a sustainable development, SASREF’s welfare packages for its staff and their dependents are considered examples of Sasref’s social responsibility program.

The company offers a range of staff care programs including free health care to staff members and their families inside and outside the Kingdom. More than 3300 Sasref’s people and their eligible dependents are benefiting from this service.

The company offers a distinguished home ownership program to its Saudi employees, since 1990 more than 869 Saudi employees have benefited from this program by owning their own houses.

There is no doubt that this program has been playing a positive role in promoting the stability of the employee functionally and socially, as also having an impact in stimulating the economic movement and real estate in the region.

In order to enhance the job security of staff and accumulate their savings, the company launched a generous savings program, through a thrift plan, to encourage and help Sasref’s employees to accumulate savings for their retirement and meet major expenses during their career.

Donation Participation Program

Since its foundation in 1984 Sasref participates in serving and supporting the society through an annual donation program, both in cash and used materials donation. A yearly budget plan is set for this program to accommodate almost all the charitable and non-profit organizations in Jubail area.

SASREF also offers its staff an opportunity to participate optionally in monthly deduction programs for needy charitable organizations in Jubail. In addition to that Sasref has a yearly company participation program through which the company support all local and international events that take place in Jubail.

The company also participates as a member in many committees in Jubail region such as Jubail Emergency Group, Jubail Industrial Sports and Culture Committee, and the health awareness weekly meeting in the industrial city of Jubail.

The company also provides the society with a social support through its first class beach camp. It offers this camp to the government departments and civil society organizations free of charge, where they can conduct their social and recreational events.

Last, but not least, it is noteworthy that Sasref participates in all these events not to market its products, but it does so as per its social responsibility commitment.

Social Programs in 2015

  • Participated in the World Day to Combat Drugs of 2015
  • Participated in the World Day for Traffic Safety of 2015
  • Participated in the iftaar camp 21 of the Centre for Call and Guidance and education communities in Jubail.
  • Campaign iftaar fasters with Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Jubail team
  • The auspices of the English language program at the Ministry of Education Aflaj
  • Blood donation campaign of company's staff
  • The first Education Forum in cooperation with the College of Education for Girls
  • Sponsor the World Environment Day Royal Commission
  • The auspices of the eastern coast Festival